Fine Arts Department
Art and Music

Pyramids, cathedrals and rockets exist not because of geometry, theories of structures or thermodynamics, but because they were first a picture-literally a vision-in the minds of those who built them. Arts experiences and aesthetic decisions are a part of daily life. Many experiences are overtly artistic, such as listening to music or enjoying the architecture of a building. An even greater number of experiences are less overtly artistic but involve making aesthetic choices. 

The Fine Arts provide a window into the heart and mind of humankind and its cultures. The Arts foster creativity, self-exploration, and self-expression, allowing them to become an integral part of one’s daily life. Enriching as well as incorporating all disciplines, the Fine Arts offer ample opportunity for problem solving and abstract reasoning, and profoundly affect one’s perception and awareness of the surrounding world.

Art Program
The city of New Britain has a rich tradition in the visual arts. The New Britain Museum, CCSU, The Art League of New Britain and The Children's Museum all contribute to this fine heritage. Our Art department offers our students a curriculum that supports and develops their artistic, observational and aesthetic skills. Through a variety of courses students are stimulated intellectually, creatively and culturally. Students enrolled in art courses gain a broadened awareness of self when they are able to create a piece of art that they have developed from inception to the final product. 

New Britain High’s Art department fosters right brain thinking through artistry, empathy and inventiveness and helps our students become visually literate. Data supports that in our global economy it is the right brain critical thinkers that are able to adapt and develop ideas critical in our ever-changing world. The courses offered in the art department are designed to help students reach their artistic potential and provide a foundation for a life-long involvement with art.

Music Program
The Music Program at New Britain High School will help the student become aware of the aesthetic values to be found in music through a broad and comprehensive program that includes vocal and instrumental performance as well as instruction and exploration of a variety of musical areas. Students will have the opportunity to realize, discover, expand, and enjoy their own unique talents in music and to appreciate those of fellow students. 

The Music program offers a variety of courses for students. Courses in non-performance include World Multicultural Music,Keyboarding, Guitar, Handbells,Composition, and Theory. Choral activities include a daily mixed chorus, chamber choir/music theater ensemble as well as a select vocal ensemble; The Madrigal Singers/Show Choir. Performances include the Madrigal Feast, an On Stage revue and concerts throughout the year.

The instrumental program offers Orchestra for string and wind players, and Band for woodwind, brass and percussionists. During the fall, the Marching Band performs at all NBHS football games and at various parades and ceremonies throughout the area. The remainder of the year is spent rehearsing and performing concert literature. Additional instrumental groups include Pep Band, Tropical Storm, Ninth Grade Instrumental Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble.

Students in music may also be involved in a variety of musical stage productions sponsored by the school including a production of a full Broadway musical. Lighting, audio, and scenery-design are part of the stage craft class available to students. For musicians who wish to expand their knowledge of music, and prepare themselves for possible entry to a music college, an Advanced Placement course in Theory is offered.