Pulaski Middle School Staff Directory 
The staff at Pulaski Middle School are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for students in our care. We encourage open conversation with your child's teacher and/or support staff. Pulaski Middle School is located at 757 Farmington Avenue in New Britain. The principal of Pulaski Middle School is Mark Fernandes and can be reached via e-mail by clicking here. The Assistant Principals are John Mayette and Jason Miramant and can be reached by clicking on their name, The phone number to the main office at Pulaski Middle School is 860-225-7665.

Name Position E-Mail Address
Maha Abdullah ELD meraay@csdnb.org
Chris Albini Guidance Counselor temp_albini@csdnb.org
Lisa Amodio Seventh Grade Math amodio@csdnb.org
Kevin Anderson Custodial anderson@csdnb.org
Lisa Anderson Nurse andersonl@csdnb.org
Jessica Arasimowicz Eighth Grade ELA arasimowicz@csdnb.org
James Barbieri Eighth Grade Intervention barbieri@csdnb.org
Richard Bonfiglio Campus Safety Officer bonfiglio@csdnb.org
Charles Boyce Custodial boyce@csdnb.org
Carol Breault Nurse breault@csdnb.org
Daniel Broderick Seventh Grade Social Studies broderic@csdnb.org
Keith Burns Eighth Grade Science burnsk@csdnb.org
Jacob Butler Eighth Grade ELA butlerj@csdnb.org
Rodrigue Cange Custodial canger@csdnb.org
Laura Cannon Sixth Grade Science/Math cannon@csdnb.org
Charles Carey Sixth Grade Science/Math carey@csdnb.org
Paula Catuogno Psychologist catuogno@csdnb.org
Hilary Chagnon Eighth Grade Math chagnon@csdnb.org
Ashley Chambrello Family Intervention Specialist chambrello@csdnb.org
Lauren Crowley Health Center crowleyl@csdnb.org
Phillip Cummings ELD cummingsp@csdnb.org
Ashley Daley Eighth Grade ELA daley@csdnb.org
Ana Davila ELD davila@csdnb.org
Marissa Diaz Administrative Clerk diazm@csdnb.org
Edward Dickman Physical Education/Health dickman@csdnb.org
Melissa Doss Speech/Language Pathologist doss@csdnb.org
Karen Duplin PAVE duplin@csdnb.org
Johnielle Dwyer ELA/Social Studies dwyer@csdnb.org
Jaclyn English Physical Education/Health englishj@csdnb.org
Maria Esparra Special Education esparra@csdnb.org
Leisa Ferguson-Taylor Eighth Grade Math fergusont@csdnb.org
Mark Fernandes Principal fernandes@csdnb.org
Jerilyn Fleck Special Education fleck@csdnb.org
Loretta Foxworth Paraeducator foxwortl@csdnb.org
Paige Galster Choir galster@csdnb.org
Bridgett Germain Eighth Grade Math germaibr@csdnb.org
Lisa Gildea Sixth Grade gildea@csdnb.org
Marianne Goldberg Sixth Grade ELA/Social Studies goldberg@csdnb.org
Illse Gomez Seventh Grade Math gomezi@csdnb.org
Debbie Gross Paraeducator grossd@csdnb.org
Jennifer Henry Sixth Grade Science/Math carrier@csdnb.org
Jesus Irizarry Paraeducator irizarryje@csdnb.org
Wilfredo Irrizarry Dean of STudents Irizarry@csdnb.org
Debbie Kane ELA/Social Studies kaned@csdnb.org
Elizabeth Kilduff Paraeducator kilduff@csdnb.org
Tad Krysiak Custodial krysiak@csdnb.org
Wendy LaPorta PAVE laporta@csdnb.org
Derek Lavoie Special Education lavoie@csdnb.org
Stephen Lechowicz Eighth Grade ELA lechowic@csdnb.org
Karen Leupold Sixth Grade ELA/Social Studies leupoldk@csdnb.org
Patricia Lumpkin Paraeducator nealp@csdnb.org
David Maestrini Special Education maestrini@csdnb.org
Claudia Maier Paraeducator maier@csdnb.org
Annette Maldonado Social Worker maldonad@csdnb.org
Eileen Marquez Seventh Grade Social Studies marquez@csdnb.org
Anna Mastropola Art mastropolo@csdnb.org
John Mayette Assistant Principal mayettej@csdnb.org
Cindy Mazzotta Seventh Grade Science mazzotta@csdnb.org
Amanda Minutillo Academic Resource minutillo@csdnb.org
Jason Miramant Assistant Principal miramant@csdnb.org
Ella Mirmina Social Worker - STEPS mirmina@csdnb.org
Helen Murratti-Pion Secretary murratti@csdnb.org
Kelly Nadolny Art nadolny@csdnb.org
Jason Neeson Strings neeson@csdnb.org
Luz Oquendo Paraeducator oquendol@csdnb.org
Alex Ortiz Physical Education/Health ortizal@csdnb.org
Deanna Paolini Seventh Grade ELA paolini@csdnb.org
Pamela Paradis Paraeducator paradisp@csdnb.org
Eric Peterson Seventh Grade ELA peterson@csdnb.org
Elizabeth Pilz Seventh Grade ELA pilz@csdnb.org
Julie Plaza Read 180 plaza@csdnb.org
Gabriel Rio Seventh Grade Math rio@csdnb.org
Anna Rivera Paraeduactor riveraan@csdnb.org
Derek Roberts Physical Education/Health robertsd@csdnb.org
Tammy Rosado Seventh Grade Math rosadot@csdnb.org
Paula Saccente Paraeducator saccente@csdnb.org
Marysel Santos Paraeducator santosm@csdnb.org
James Sassu Paraeducator sassu@csdnb.org
Arelys Scali Guidance Counselor scali@csdnb.org
Keith Scelia Sixth Grade Science/Math scelia@csdnb.org
Charles Serravalle Band serravac@csdnb.org
Doug Sheldon Computer Lab sheldon@csdnb.org
Sudha Sikka Eighth Grade Science sikka@csdnb.org
Krista Simmone Sixth Grade ELA/Social Studies simmonek@csdnb.org
Mary Snowden Hrubiec Sixth Grade Math/Science snowden@csdnb.org
Akintunde Sogunro Campus Safety Officer sogunroa@csdnb.org
Anthony Sowinski Special Education sowinski@csdnb.org
Hediona Spiro Paraeducator spiro@csdnb.org
Alan Sullivan Physical Education/Health sullivan@csdnb.org
Leslie Suydam Paraeducator suydam@csdnb.org
Ashley Testa Sixth Grade testa@csdnb.org
Valerie Torres Parent Facilitator torresv@csdnb.org
Amanda Tuthill Seventh Grade Science tuthill@csdnb.org
Lisa Underwood Paraeducator underwoo@csdnb.org
Taylor Warinsky Music warinsky@csdnb.org
Elizabeth Warszawik Eighth Grade Math warszawik@csdnb.org
Olive White Read 180 whiteo@csdnb.org
Heather Whitehead Eighth Grade whitehea@csdnb.org
Sean Williams Seventh Grade ELA williamss@csdnb.org
Derek Zatarain Sixth Grade Social Studies zatarain@csdnb.org
Mary Zottola Sixth Grade Inclusion zottolam@csdnb.org