Chamberlain Elementary School Staff Directory
The staff at Chamberlain Elementary School are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for students in our care. We encourage open conversation with your child's teacher and/or support staff. Chamberlain School is located at 120 Newington Avenue in New Britain. The principal of Chamberlain School is Jane Perez and can be reached via e-mail by clicking here. The Assistant Principal is Deb Murray and can be reached via e-mail by clicking here. The phone number to the main office at Chamberlain School is 860-832-5691.

Name Position E-Mail Address
Jen Amalfa LEAP
Kevin Andersen Fifth Grade
Victoria Armstrong Family Resource Center
Nelly Arroyo Breakfast/Lunch Aide
Betsy Bachmann Pupil Services
Brenda Ballard Kindergarten
Deb Benjamin Physical Education
Sharon Bernaiche Paraeducator
Tracina Burgos Nurse
Cindy Camacho Paraeducator
Melissa Carbone Pupil Services
Keina Castro Breakfast/Lunch Aide
Christine Cioffi Fifth Grade
Nellie Cordero Paraeducator
Gwenn Corey First Grade
Sydney Cothran  Fourth Grade
Maria Del Tirado Paraeducator
Jennifer DiMartino Second Grade
Sheila Foss-Swanson Literacy Interventionist
Allison Galin Pupil Services
Jillian Giardini First Grade
Kim Gremillion Art
Catherine Heinze Paraeducator
Flor Irizarry ELD
Kate Jubinville Psychologist
Kara Kelaita Psychologist
Heather King Kindergarten
Gladys Leon Paraeducator
Rachael Leupold Kindergarten
Kaila Louw Family Resource Center
Mandy Lucente Pupil Services
Michelle Maletta Fourth Grade
Butch Malinowski  Physical Education
Lauren Marciniak Second Grade
Denise Marshall Media
Jacqueline Martinez Breakfast/Lunch Aide
Meghan McCann First Grade
Patty McCusker Secretary
Alexandra McDonnell Sunrise Program
Daniel Michaud Paraeducator
Shannon Micklus Fifth Grade
Teresa Monfredo Kindergarten
Debra Murray Assistant Principal
Craig Muzzy Fourth Grade
Darlene Nardello Third Grade
Teresa Nelson Third Grade
Wendy Osipowicz Second Grade
Jane Perez Principal
Steven Portera Third Grade
Alison Rawlinson First Grade
Leslie Raymond Music
Rosanna Rivera Breakfast/Lunch Aide
Jesenia Rivera-Ayala Social Worker
Keith Shaw Custodian
Angel Silva Custodian
Tamara Smith-Andersen  Sunrise Program
Carey St. Germain Literacy Interventionist
Danielle Stedman Breakfast/Lunch Aide
Iris Suarez Paraeducator
Noemi Tapia Breakfast/Lunch Aide
Yolanda Torres Breakfast/Lunch Aide
Brenda Turner Speech/Language Pathologist
Ryan Vacca Music
Stephanie Vann Paraeducator
Ethan Welsh Paraeducator
Sharon Whitney Third Grade
Ivette Willis Paraeducator
Chris Wilmes  Art
Mary Wozniak Second Grade