PowerSchool Overview
New Britain Public School's PowerSchool Parent Portal is available for students in grades 6-12 and their parents and guardians of all grade levels. It is a confidential, web-based application that allows students and parents to view current and historical grades as well as class assignments and attendance. The purpose of this tool is to improve communication between students, teachers, and parents.

To access the parent portal, parents and guardians will need to create a registered account. Account information is included on all high school report cards and progress reports. Click on this link and follow the directions to set up your account: For quick access, you may wish to add this link to your "favorites" on your home computer. 

Please remember the importance of privacy and security when accessing grades via the portal. Usernames and passwords should not be shared. Below you will find more detailed information, including instructions for accessing the parent portal and answers to frequently asked questions. If, after reviewing this material, you are still experiencing problems registering or accessing your account, please contact New Britain School's Management Information Systems Support at 860-832-4692, 860-832-4691 or email helpdesk@csdnb.org.

Tips and other important information
  • Please be patient while waiting for grades to be entered. While grading guidelines suggest that grades be updated weekly for homework, every 2 weeks for tests and quizzes, and as soon as possible for projects, teachers are only required to enter grades at mid-quarter and at the end of the quarter.
  • Teachers use different grading systems (such as weighted percentages) that may not be explained on the screen you are viewing. Be sure to check teacher websites for grading policies.
  • Middle School students are graded on Standards and the 'Traditional Final Grade' does not apply to their report cards, but can be clicked to see assignments. Standards are viewed in the Standards Grades Tab
  • To promote student independence and self-advocacy, initial contact with teachers to discuss questions or concerns should always come from the student.