NBHS Counseling | Guidance Staff Directory
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Name Position and Location E-Mail Address Ext. (860-225-6300)
Awilda Aponte Red Guidance Counselor aponte@csdnb.org 711
Geno Ayala Red Guidance Counselor ayalae@csdnb.org 712
Pat Cassidy Red Guidance Secretary cassidy@csdnb.org 710
Sondra Garcia Gold Guidance Counselor garcias@csdnb.org 811
Stan Glowiak Guidance Department Director glowiak@csdnb.org 634
Jenny Jimenez-Sullivan Career Center jimenezs@csdnb.org 618
Judy Leary Red Guidance Counselor learyj@csdnb.org 713
Amy McGloin Red Guidance Counselor mcgloin@csdnb.org 714
Patrick Morrell Gold Guidance Counselor morrellp@csdnb.org 812
Eric Schenfield Gold Guidance Counselor schenfie@csdnb.org 815
Maurice Simpson Gold Guidance Counselor simpsonm@csdnb.org 814
Virginia Brown Guidance and Registration Secretary brown@csdnb.org 610
Karin White Gold Guidance Secretary whitek@csdnb.org 810