The NBHS Guidance Department consists of 11 counselors, including a guidance director, a career counselor, and a transitional counselor. The guidance department provides a comprehensive guidance program that involves both an individual and group approach to guidance services. Guidance lessons are taught to students at grade appropriate levels throughout your four years of high school. The counselors have a collection of resources to help students explore post-high school opportunities.

We have made a list of college resources available for you to help you succeed in high school and beyond. If you would like to contact a staff member in the Guidance Department, please click here.

The role of the school counselor includes coordinating, consulting and counseling in the areas of personal/social issues, careers and academic development. High school counselors provide the following services: 
  • New student registrations, which involve obtaining cumulative and special education (if applicable) records from previous schools, an intake interview, school tour, and developing a student schedule appropriate for the student. 
  • Meet with students individually to schedule classes 
  • Keep records of student meetings, make schedule changes when necessary, and continually monitor social and academic progress. 
  • Coordinate parent, teacher and /or student conferences, as academic concerns arise. 
  • Continually monitor attendance together with the Attendance Committee. 
  • Meet with juniors and seniors for post-secondary planning 
  • Write letters of recommendation, complete school reports and transcript requests. 
  • In the case of special education students, counselors attend and report academic, credit and graduation information at the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) Meetings as needed. 
  • Work with students and/or their families in providing referrals to appropriate outside agencies (DCF, FSWN, counseling) 
  • Individual counseling services for academic, emotional and behavior issues or crisis intervention, as needed for students. 
  • Monitor and assess graduation requirements. 
  • Organize homebound tutoring 
  • Coordinate and manage 504 meetings and meet with 504 students as needed 
  • Attend meetings with probation, DCF, Family with Service Needs and community outreach groups as needed. 
  • Assist with Career Center coverage and activities. 
  • Attend weekly guidance meetings