NBHS - E-Mail Guidelines for Students
Students have been issued school Google email accounts. These guidelines outlined below are similar to those you will encounter in college or the workplace. Understanding these guidelines and mastering online skills will help you become college and workplace ready.

Students receive email accounts so they can:
  • Become college and workplace ready
  • Easily move projects and assignments to and from school to home
  • Share assignments with classmates and teachers using Google Docs
  • Use the Google Apps features to complete class assignments
  • Correspond with colleges, clubs and other groups
  • Email classmates regarding homework, classroom projects and assignments
  • Register for online resources such as class textbooks, world languages correspondence sites, music class tutorials, and other sites assigned by classroom teacher.
Students should ONLY use student email accounts for:
  • Tasks, activities and assignments that are class or school-related
  • Examples include corresponding about homework, class assignments, projects, club, sport and activity communication
  • Sharing group projects using Google Docs
  • Using Google Calendar to share club and activity events
  • Communicate with teachers when given permission
Students should NOT use student email accounts to:
  • Correspond with classmates regarding events that are NOT school related
  • Gossip, or cyber-bully
  • Sign-up for online resources or social networking sites that are NOT assigned by teacher
Important reminders for you to know:
  • Student email accounts are the property of the Consolidated School District of New Britain (CSDNB) and can be checked at any time for appropriate use
  • Changing email passwords will result in loss of email privileges—if you believe your password has been compromised please contact NBHShelp@csdnbstudents.org
  • If you receive an email that you believe to be inappropriate or in violation of our acceptable use policy please email NBHShelp@csdnbstudents.org
  • Sending inappropriate emails will result in the loss of email privileges for an indefinite amount of time.
  • If you are questioning that appropriateness of an email that you are about to send DON’T SEND it and speak to a teacher first about its content.
  • In the event that you receive an inappropriate email DO NOT FORWARD email, simply email NBHShelp@csdnbstudents.org and include in your message ‘I have received an inappropriate email’ in your text