NBHS Departments and Academies
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Class Levels
There are four levels of instruction at New Britain High School and all levels are open to all students. 

AP/College Level: These classes are for students who are capable of doing college level work and have met the necessary prerequisites. Advanced Placement and UConn Early College Experience courses are offered at this level. Students may receive college credit as well as high school credit. 

Honors Level: These college preparatory classes are available to academically talented students who desire to work in greater depth and breadth than is offered in Accelerated classes. 

Accelerated Level: These classes are offered to students who plan to attend college, a technical school, or seek employment, and who want to work at a more challenging pace than the Standard level. 

Standard Level: These classes are appropriate for students who aspire to attend college, a technical school, or seek employment, but who might need additional support in literacy and math skills.  

Advanced Placement Courses
New Britain High School offers 16 Advanced Placement Courses (AP Language, AP Literature, AP Psychology, AP US History, AP World History, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics B, AP Music Theory, AP Macro-Economics, and AP Studio Art). Students have the opportunity to prepare for the Advanced Placement exam and perhaps receive college credit. AP courses are full year courses; in order to receive any credit, a student MUST complete and pass the full year course. 

AP courses can be dropped after first quarter grade reports, provided the student has given his/her best effort, and the teacher can attest to that effort. Students must meet with the Advanced Placement Committee and have met the above criteria in order to drop from an Advanced Placement course.  

University of Connecticut Early College Experience Courses
New Britain High School offers several courses in the Early College Experience Program with the University of Connecticut. These classes (AP Language, AP Literature, Introduction to Individual and Family Development, AP World History, AP Macroeconomics, Italian IV, French IV, and Spanish IV, and AP Statistics) offer students an opportunity to receive University of Connecticut credit while obtaining high school credit at NBHS. Each course is diverse in its requirements for UConn credit. Some require a minimum grade, while others require a minimum grade on UConn’s final exam. UConn awards three to six credits depending on the course. 

All UConn courses require that students submit an application to UConn, and some may require a nominal fee based on ability to pay, billed by and payable to UConn. All of the UConn courses, with the exception of Introduction to Individual and Family Development, Italian IV, Spanish IV, and French IV, are also Advanced Placement courses. This offers students the opportunity to obtain college credit in two ways; by meeting UConn’s criteria, and/or by passing the Advanced Placement exam. Both credit types are transferrable to other universities depending on individual university criteria. All students enrolling in the ECE program must also take the Advanced Placement exam. There is a per-credit fee for students who are not eligible for free/reduced lunch.

Course Level Codes
When the last digit is "0" - the course is College level. 
When the last digit is "1" - the course is Honors level. 
When the last digit is even (other than "0") the course is Accelerated level. 
All other courses whose last digit is odd (other than "1") are Standard level.

Changes in Course Offerings
The courses presented and described in the Program of Studies and on this website will be offered subject to budgetary considerations, enrollment, and scheduling factors. Certain courses might not be offered if the number of students selecting them is too low. Some courses are offered alternate years.