Office of the Superintendent

Message from Superintendent Nancy Sarra
I am honored to serve and work side by side with all of our families and staff to make our school district one of distinction.  The work of educating children is not easy work and, as such, requires a full time commitment from all of us to raise students who can do the following: 

Embrace a challenge - this means never giving up, but constantly persevering in order to get better with each and every step. This is gritKeep on going EVEN when things get difficult.  This is perseveranceLearn from corrective feedback and criticism.  This is reflectionLearn from and find inspiration from the success of peers. This is an attitude of gratitude.

Our vision of developing the whole child includes a collective effort of explicitly teaching our students what successful students and adults do.  We want to teach those aspects of character and habits of mind that will enable all of our students to compete academically and socially and be successful in this global world.  

I know this is what you would like for  your children as well.  So, together, we must commit to building relationships with each other so that we can go about the business of raising successful students.

Our Core Values and Responsibilities outlines our teaching and learning expectations on a daily basis from all staff, all students and all families.  Please take the time to read, ask questions, and partner with us to teach your children what the path to success looks like.

Our school doors are always open.  Your involvement in your child’s education both in school and at home, will inspire a generation of young adults who can lead with integrity and help bring resolution to the many issues our world faces  today.

In Partnership,

Nancy Sarra, Superintendent