Special Education services are available for all students whose disabilities interfere significantly with their ability to learn. The disabilities may be in the areas recognized under the IDEA or state laws governing special education.

Special education programs are offered for preschool children 3-5 years of age, who have delays in language, motor, cognitive, and/or social/emotional development. These programs help us focus on specific problem areas for intensive programming. Our goal is to integrate these children in general education in the early grades. When necessary, these students may continue in special education programs when they enter elementary school. Federal and state law requires participation in the least restrictive educational environment appropriate to the needs of the child.

For children who do not learn at the expected learning rate, regular interventions are available to assist these children at all grade levels. This process is known as early intervention in this district and also may be called child study or child intervention in other school districts.

A continuum of special services and supports are available. Children may be assigned to work with a variety of different specialists according to their needs. There are some students whose disabilities are not effectively addressed in a regular public school setting. In those cases, another public or private program will be arranged.

Programs for all children are evaluated on an annual basis. Some programs are re-evaluated in a shorted time period when a change in program or placement is indicated. These evaluations are done by PPT/IEP teams in the school attended by the child. Every three years or earlier, if required, children are re-evaluated to determine whether there is a continued need for special education services. Monitoring of student progress is done quarterly throughout the year based on the goals and objectives developed in the child’s program. The overall goal for New Britain’s special education programs is to educate children in the least restrictive program possible. 

For questions regarding Preschool Special Education Referrals, please contact Donna Rich, Preschool Psychologist at Gaffney. Her number is 860-223-2051 or you can click here to e-mail her.