The Office of Pupil Services, which is located at the New Britain Educational Administration Center (NBEAC) address, coordinates many programs and services that provide support to the regular education program. The decision to provide pupil support services follows a process of consultation, evaluation and decision making by teachers and the building principal. That process and services available through the Office of Pupil Services are described below.

Students may be referred for special programs and services to the school principal by parents and teachers. The school principal will assign a trained early intervention program (EIP) team member to work with the student’s teacher and parent. This team member helps to conduct a curriculum based or observation based assessment and to collect other pertinent data on the child. The teacher and team member collaborate to design and implement strategies to make the child successful in the general education classroom. If the strategies are not successful, the child will be referred to the planning and placement team (PPT) to be considered for a formal evaluation to determine special education eligibility. If the staff, with the parent’s help, determines an evaluation is required, the parent or guardian will be requested to give written permission for evaluation services. 

Evaluation for Special Needs 
Formal evaluation may include cognitive testing, educational testing, speech and language tests, tests of personality development, adaptive functioning and visual-motor development, classroom observations, and home and family history. Additionally, health and medical developmental history may be sought. When the diagnostic data have been collected, a planning and placement team meeting is held with the parent or guardian. 

Homebound Instruction 
The basic purpose of homebound instruction is to help students to continue their education even though they are unable to attend school for medical reasons. In these cases, a child’s physician must recommend homebound services. These services are provided to students who are ill or temporarily disabled and unable to attend school for a minimum of three weeks. Students will receive the following tutorial instructions: Grades K-5: five hours per week | Grades 6-12: ten hours per week 

Independent Evaluations 
An independent evaluation is an evaluation performed by a certified or licensed professional who is not employed by our school district. Parents or guardians have the right to an independent evaluation of their child if they disagree with the evaluations conducted by school personnel. The PPT/IEP team will develop substantive questions that the independent evaluation will need to address. 

Planning and Placement Team (PPT) 
The planning and placement team may consist of the following: the child’s parents, teacher(s), pupil services, and special education personnel, principal, and other professionals who may aid in providing the best possible services for the individual child. The parent or guardian of the student under consideration is always invited to attend the PPT meeting. The parent and or guardian may be accompanied by individuals that they believe may be helpful to them in planning for their child. The functions of the PPT are to: 
  • Make an evaluative study of a student referred to the team. 
  • Determine if the child is eligible for special education and/or related services. 
  • Plan for special instruction or services that will be of benefit to the student, which includes development of an individual education plan (IEP). 
  • Review annually the progress of any child for whom special education has been recommended and provided. 
Seclusion and Restraints 
Physical Restraint means any mechanical or personal restriction that immobilizes or reduces the free movement of a child's arms, legs or head. Any use of physical restraint is to be documented in the child's educational record and, if appropriate, in the child's school health record. Use of the CSDE Incident Report of Physical Restraint is required and should be completed as soon after the incident as possible or within 24 hours of the incident. To view specific documents related to safeguards, seclusion and restraints, click the links below.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the department of Pupil Services is to provide support and service to students, staff and parents in order to enhance student achievement. These supports and services, following a strengths based philosophy are designed to increase student’s capacity to build personal strengths and talents and mitigate barriers to learning. 

Vision Statement 
Pupil Services are committed to the development and nurturance of school cultures that promote life long learners. Pupil Services, along with the entire educational community, supports the acquisition of skills/knowledge and problem solving competencies in all students. These competencies are developed so that members of the community become productive, caring citizens while they follow their own path and vision.