MIS - Technology Department

The MIS Department is responsible for installing and maintaining the district's network equipment and the district-owned devices connected to the network, such as computers, tablets, printers, etc. The MIS team is a small group of administrators, network technicians, computer and software specialists that work throughout the Consolidated School District of New Britain.

During the academic year, the MIS Department is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. During the summer, the MIS Department is open Monday - Thursday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM and on Friday from 7:00 AM - 1:30 PM. The MIS Department is based out of Slade MIddle School, located at 183 Steele Street.

The MIS Department is based out of Slade Middle School, located at 183 Steele Street. The entrance to the MIS building is in the back of the school. The main phone number to the department is 860-832-4692 and the fax number is 860-832-4693.

NamePositionE-Mail AddressPhone Number
Anthony BonaiutoComputer Systems Specialistbonaituoa@csdnb.org
Steven BugnackiTechnology Resourcebugnacks@csdnb.org
Jason CookHelp Deskhelpdesk@csdnb.org860-832-4692
Francheska CandelariaSoftware Specialist/Help Deskcandelaria@csdnb.org
Robert DombrowskiNetwork Specialistredpgmr@csdnb.org
Trish DunfordComputer Systems Specialistdunford@csdnb.org860-225-6300 x628
Anthony DuvaComputer Repair Specialistduva@csdnb.org
Fernando FrancoComputer Systems Specialistfranco@csdnb.org
Sonia HerreraSoftware Specialist/Help Deskrherrera@csdnb.org
Margaret KochanowiczMIS Managerkochanow@csdnb.org860-832-4691
Jon LamTechnology Assistantlam@csdnb.org
Jon LamsonComputer Systems Specialistlamson@csdnb.org860-832-4689
Jeff ProkopChief Information Officer prokop@csdnb.org860-832-4690
Victoria RussellComputer Repair Specialistrussell@csdnb.org
John SawickiComputer Repair Specialistsawicki@csdnb.org
Jordan SypekNetwork Administratorjordan@csdnb.org860-832-4685
John TaylorResearch & Developmenttaylor@csdnb.org
Winston WilksComputer Repair Specialistwinston@csdnb.org