Finance and Contracted Services

The Finance and Contracted Services Department is one that covers a wide array of areas throughout the Consolidated School District of New Britain. Links are to your left and that will direct you to the specific areas you may be looking for.

One of the biggest jobs of the Finance and Contracted Services Department is creating and maintaining a yearly budget. District Administrators are required to familiarize themselves with the various budget development guidelines established by the Superintendent for budget requests for the coming year, review the budget development calendar to determine budget responsibilities and deadlines to be met and establish an internal budget timeline to insure budget requests meet the November 1 submission date.

To develop sound budget requests, administrators, especially school principals, meet with staff and parents to develop their priority needs for the coming year. It is recognized that requests will undoubtedly exceed the financial resources available to fund then all, and therefore, it is incumbent upon each administrator to establish spending priorities and to submit a budget request that meets the guidelines established by the Superintendent.

Name Position E-Mail Address Phone Number
Ann Alfano Accounting Manager 860-827-2255
Morey Amelotte Senior Payroll Assistant 860-827-2005
Jackie Bonaiuto Payroll Manager 860-827-2260
Cheryl Castonguay Bookkeeper 860-827-2211
Steve Daniels Junior Accountant 860-827-2257
Tom Halleck Transportation Manager 860-827-2013
Kevin Kane Chief Financial Officer 860-827-2259
Deb Madigan Transportation Specialist 860-827-2250
Joanna Mechlinksi Transportation Specialist 860-827-2239
Donna Roman Bookkeeper 860-827-2206
Chris Smith Senior Payroll Assistant 860-827-2262
Irena Stepanczak Grant Assistant 860-827-2224
Michele Tkac Grant Specialist 860-827-2256