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The Consolidated School District of New Britain maintains a state model district-wide attendance review committee staffed with collaborative partners from local community agencies who will meet to review cases and establish resources for intervention. The District’s Attendance Review Committee is composed of representatives of the local Visiting Nurses Association, City Hall, the YMCA, YWCA, DCF, the Youth Services Bureau, Boys’ and Girls’ Club of New Britain, the Police Athletic League, the State Department of Social Services, the Police Department Youth Bureau, Juvenile Court, Wheeler Clinic, Klingberg Family Centers, Inc., Catholic Family Services, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Community Mental Health Affiliates and the Attendance Officer who coordinates and chairs the committee. 

This Committee meets bi-monthly with families to address their needs and develop strategies for improved attendance. During the past year, the Committee met with families of elementary, middle and high school truant students. As a result, 95 percent of the students who were reviewed by the Committee demonstrated a marked improvement in their attendance. This data clearly attests to the value and importance of early intervention in truancy cases and to the problem solving efforts of the community-school family based approach.

Each school maintains a school based attendance committee (SBAC) that meets bi-monthly as rung in the response to the intervention pyramid. This team is made up of the school principal, assistant principal, school social worker, school guidance counselor, school nurse, students teacher and attendance supervisor. Parents are requested to attend this meeting to discuss early attendance issues.

Through a collaborative partnership with the Truancy Intervention Project, a program of The Children's Law Center of Connecticut, middle school students in danger of being referred to juvenile court under a family with service needs referral because of chronic absenteeism are provided with attorney advocates who meet weekly with students to provide positive mentoring, motivation, and incentives to succeed. Each attorney works one-on-one with an assigned student for one year and endeavors to uncover the root cause of the truancy and resolve it..

The Consolidated School District continues its Summer Mentoring Program coordinated by the Attendance Officer. This program identifies students with high absenteeism throughout the school year. Students are assigned mentors who provide three hours per week of services. Students are identified by school social workers, guidance counselors and building administrators. Students identified are transitioning from fifth to sixth and eighth to ninth grade.

The District continues to be part of the Connecticut Consortium on school attendance. This consortium is an association of state wide agencies and twenty six school districts interested in a data-driven school attendance improvement initiative. New Britain was one of the initial five districts to participate in the consortium.