Board of Education - School Liaisons

Members of the New Britain Board of Education are assigned to various schools throughout the district as liaisons. The members assigned to each school are the main point of contact if you wish to speak to any of them regarding anything at that school. If you have any complaints regarding that school, we always urge you to please speak to the administration first before escalating it to the Board of Education.

School Liaison Phone Number E-Mail Address
Adult Education Annie Parker 860-223-3063
Brookside School Nicholas Mercier 860-229-7274
Chamberlain Elementary School Violet Jimenez Sims 860-223-2213
DiLoreto Elementary & Middle School Nicole Rodriguez 860-518-3986
Gaffney Elementary School Catherine Cheney 860-558-6353
HALS Academy Violet Jimenez Sims 860-223-2213
Holmes Elementary School Gayle Sanders-Connolly 860-690-7923
Jefferson Elementary School Nancy Rodriguez 860-518-4510
Lincoln Elementary School Nicholas Mercier 860-229-7274
New Britain High School Gayle Sanders-Connolly 860-690-7923
NBHS Satellite Career Academy Yvonne Muniz 860-614-1826
NB Transitional Center James Sanders Jr. 860-614-1902
Northend Elementary School Annie Parker 860-223-3063
Pulaski Middle School Yvonne Muniz 860-614-1826
Roosevelt Early Learning Center Catherine Cheney 860-558-6353
School Based Health Centers Merrill Gay  860-225-6337
Slade Middle School Catherine Cheney 860-558-6353
Smalley Academy Merrill Gay  860-225-6337
Smith Elementary School Nancy Rodriguez 860-518-4510
Vance Elementary School Nicholas Mercier  860-229-7274