CORE4Women is a free organization where women can share and discover online learning.

The mission of Core4Women
  • CORE4Women supports and encourages those who seek to empower themselves through online education.
  • CORE4Women is an organization where women access information and resources to attain their educational goals with the assistance of experienced mentors.
  • CORE4Women values a woman’s right to self-fulfillment and increased potential through education while recognizing the positive impact mentoring can have on the success of women.

Why CORE4Women?

Traditional websites are a one-way flow of information from a computer to an end-user. CORE4Women is a live, interactive discussion among women about online learning. There are volunteers who have life experiences that have been significantly influenced by online learning. These volunteers want to mentor and share their experiences with other women. There are also scholarships available to members enrolled in fully online programs!

What can I do with CORE4Women?

CORE4Women provides a way for mentors to dialogue directly with women who are looking for answers about online learning. These mentors can explain how to locate degree programs, how to seek funding, how to register, how to engage with others in the online environment, and how to balance many responsibilities while completing course work.

Core4women is moving to a NEW platform... 

Ning will soon not be available. Please join the new environment, by filling out your CORE4women Profile (below) and then joining the Core4women Google groups. You will not be able to join without completing your profile.

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