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Greetings from the CEO - Liu Jian Zhe Henderson!


Welcome to the new site of President Banking Association (Hong Kong) Division.


At here, you can familiar yourself with what we have done, what we are currently doing, what we will achieve, what will be our goals, etc.


President banking association aims to help as many students as we can to familiar themselves with the retail banking industry. We, together we carefully selected banking partners will offer great opportunities for students to try as many banking services as possible, and help them know what the banking choices available are. As University Students, we aim to promote banking and self-Asset-management at earlier ages, because many institutions find that managing our own money can make us mature, and to get to know this important matter in our lives. The earlier students know about this, the better off they will be.


We will also screen students with special talents in finance sector to go deeper with us. They will get to know what are the prerequisites for an experienced investors, they will also get to know important financial tools like bonds and derivatives, not to the supreme level but at least, acquaint and familiar with the terms so that they can keep themselves "able" all the times.


We are at the stage of mass recruitment, with interviews and screenings on-going on a daily basis. You will get a chance to be a senior assistant in our organization. In our organization, we learn from each other and will promote a harmonious learning ambiance for all, and to ensure students really enjoy spending times here, and they do take things away.


Thanks again for visiting us. If you are interested in joining, please send a CV to fm7601@126.com to make an interview. Selected candidates will be informed via email and call.


Liu Jian Zhe

President, President banking Association (Hong Kong)

A subsidiary of President Bank Limited (Asia)