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Syllabus - View Here; Download Your Copy Below.

Smith Middle School Band & Orchestra

Jeremy Bellion, Director 919.918.2145 x21435, jbellion@chccs.k12.nc.us 



·         Basic Materials Needed Each Day: (1) Music (2) Pencil/Paper (3) Agenda

(4) Instrument (5) Practice Log


·         Practice:  It takes practice to be a good musician (even Mozart practiced…A LOT!).  You are expected to practice exercises and music that we play in class.  Each student will practice a minimum of 5 times a week for 30 minutes (150 min. total).


·         Concerts:  Concerts are your opportunity to practice performing as well as share your music with others.  We must have EVERYONE at EVERY concert if we are going to have the parts covered and sound our best.  It is very important that you do your part and save these dates for our concerts.



All concerts at Smith Middle School will be held in the Auditorium.  Students will be expected to arrive half an hour ahead of time in appropriate concert dress.  This is your night to shine, so invite your families, friends, and extended family to join in the excitement!


If there is an emergency that prevents you from attending one of the above listed concerts, you must notify Mr. Bellion immediately if possible, or as soon as possible after the concert with a written explanation from your parents.  If there is a reason you will not attend and you know in advance, you must come and speak with Mr. Bellion prior to the concert.  Attendance will be taken at the concert so please be very responsible about your own attendance.


There may be other performances throughout the year.  You will receive more details on these opportunities as they arise.


·         Take Care of Your InstrumentIt is important to clean and maintain your instrument.  When your instrument is in great condition you will sound your best!

·         Make sure you have all of the necessary accessories!: Extra Reeds, oil, sticks, books, music…


·         Classroom Expectations and Consequences:  We have rules in order to establish a safe classroom environment that enables everyone to learn to their highest potential.  I know that you signed up for band in order to learn an instrument so you must always remember that these rules are to help YOU and others around you learn and stay safe!



Expectations:                                                                                        Consequences


J Stay seated until you have permission to move.                            Verbal Warning

J Respect yourself and others.                                                           Lunch Detention

J Be Prepared each day.                                                                      Break Room

                Practice your parts                                                                               Parent Conference/Phone call/Office Referral

                Bring your instrument                                                          

                Bring your music

                Bring a pencil

J Raise your hand if you want to make a verbal

    contribution to the class.

J Play only your instrument.

J Don’t talk or play when the music stops.

J Always do your best.



Severe disruptions such as bullying another person, willfully hurting another person, willfully destroying property, or refusing to follow instructions will result in the student being sent to the BREAK room immediately and result in disciplinary consequences.




·         Grading: Grades are based on a point system.  Each day you will have the opportunity to earn points in the following categories:

Preparation/Performance                     2 pts

Behavior/section maintenance             2 pts


Quizzes and tests will be assigned additional points and added to your total point value.


Performances will count as a test grade.



Name: ____________________________________                Class:_____________________________________





Please sign the following document indicating that you have shown this handbook to your parents and you agree to meet the class expectations and participate in the performances. 










Yes, I have read the expectations & rules with my child and agree to help him/her abide by the expectations set forth so that she/he will be successful and enjoy Band.



Signature:  (Parent) _______________________________________________


Parent Email & phone: ______________________________________________







Yes, I have read this handbook, made note of the concert dates, and agree to abide by the expectations that are explained within it so that I will learn and have a great experience in Band.


Signed: (Student) ______________________________________



Signature: (Student)___________________________________

Jeremy Bellion,
Aug 22, 2014, 1:28 PM