We are thinking like scientist and asking many questions.  How Does a Scientist Work?
Experiments, investigations and observations are what we will be doing in class,
Questions the students will be pondering:

How do scientists work?
What is a hypothesis?
How do I set up an experiment? 
What is important in a conclusion?

The links below are skills from 4th grade.  I will be posting different links for 5th grade material soon. However, students may use these to brush up on material they may have forgotten. 
Science Links: Use the site below (Scientific Method Vocabulary) to get to the Quizlet

Bird Beak poster

Birds  Birds | Educational Video for Kids Happy Learning 

Landforms  Illustrated Glossary

Video  Free School

Video 2 Landform  Crash Course 

Landforms  Landforms to Music

Vocabulary Review    This is for Animal Adaptation