Practice Multiplication Facts Every Day for 5 Minutes.  

Math is everywhere! 
You will be surprised at what your child knows!  They are amazing thinkers. Please ask your child the following questions to get them thinking about math. 
Where do you use math?  What is place value?  How many combinations of coins can you use to make a dollar?   How can you apply estimating in the real world?  How do fractions help you when you are baking?   Where do we find angles?  What is the angle measurement of a circle?  What is a straight angle and what is its measurement? 

Math Facts  - Students should have mastered addition and subtraction facts.  Multiplication and division facts should be practiced for 5 minutes every night. They are a must to know. 
The students are taking multiplication fact tests to get a base line score.  This will help them know what facts to continue practicing.  
These tests are on Friday.  

This is the link to the math curriculum and I will be assigning activities and workbook pages for your student.  I will always let your child know when I have assigned an assignment.  Your child has a log-in number and password. 

Station Videos - click on the link and then press the play arrow. 

Math Links
Some of the links require the students to have a sign-up,in which a parent may need to help.  Other sites
may be free for the first month and require a fee for the year.  These are optional.  I have used the free month
with my own children and then found other favorites.  Enjoy