Precalculus Honors

NOTE:  We are getting so close to the end of the year ... you have done awesome this year and now is where we work to finish strong! Starting Tuesday we will be strictly reviewing for the final exam and working to bring closure to the big ideas from all year. So what should you do to start reviewing? That's a great question. Here is what I recommend:

(1) ORGANIZE ... 
  • Locate all of your chapter tests from the year.
  • Locate all of the additional review worksheets and/or textbook closure assignments. 
  • Put these assignments in an organized location that is easy for you to access. 
  • Here is a link to additional review worksheets for all chapters if you need another copy.
(2) REVIEW ... Remember that math is "mental sport" that requires practice and participation to improve and recall content. That means it is time to pick up your pencil and do some review problems. Don't just "look back at the test" or "look over the concept" ... actually DO the problems.
  • Start by taking a look at the complete list of topics covered this year: Final Exam Review topics. (Note: a copy of this will be provided in class on Tuesday).
  • Grab a fresh sheet of graph paper that you can turn in the day of your final exam. .
  • Go back to ch 1 and re-solve a minimum of SIX problems from ch 1 (find problems from the chapter test or textbook closure or additional review).
  • If you get stuck, highlight or note that you need to ask a question on that concept in class the next day..
  • Then continue on to ch 2 and repeat the process to work your way through review of all the big ideas. 
  • Six problems per chapter is just an estimate of how many problems you need to review. If you feel you need to review more than six problems from a chapter, go for it!
Weekly Overview:
  •  Monday (5/31): No School - Happy Memorial Day!
  • Tuesday (6/1): Final Exam Review + Exploration of Derivative Shortcuts
    • Homework: Review Concepts from Chapter 1 - 3
  • Block Day (6/2 or 6/3): Final Exam Review + Merge Problem
    • Homework: Review Concepts from Chapter 4 - 6 
    • If not completed in class, students will need to finish their "Merge It Creation" Partner project.
  • Friday (6/4): Final Exam Review + Merge Problem
    • Homework: Review Concepts from Chapter 7 - 9 
Upcoming Assessments: Final exam! Here is a Link to the Exam Week Schedule

If you need extra help outside of class time please remember that is okay, it's normal to have questions as you learn.  I am available any day before school starting at 6:50. Also available during topper time, second period, and seventh period. And after school this week I'm available for extra help on Monday, Thursday, or Friday. Contact me via Remind messages or by email at alison.fisher@chardonschools.orif you have any questions

For prior announcements click this link:  Archive of Weekly Updates

To access additional resources for each chapter we cover this year:

Chapter 1: Packing Your Suitcase: Tools for Your Journey

Chapter 5: Introduction to Limits

Chapter 10:  Vectors & Parametric Equations