Precalculus Honors

This week we will assess our understanding of key concepts from chapter 8 ... which includes, most notably our work with e and natural logs. We will also continue our investigations in chapter 9 where we look at how to go from AROC to IROC in order to make our approximations more accurate.

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  •  Monday (4/19): Lesson 9.1.4 (AROC) + Ch 8 Review Questions
    • Homework: Rev/Prev 9-53 to 9-60
    • NOTE:  Chapter 8 Review work due before test tomorrow!
  • Tuesday (4/20): Chapter 8 Individual Test
    • Homework: Rev/Prev 9-51 + 9-52 + 9-67 + 9-68 + 9-72 + 9-74
  • Block Day (4/21 or 4/22): Lesson 9.2.1 & 9.2.2 (AROC ---- IROC)
    • Homework: Rev/Prev 9-69 + 9-81 to 9-89
  • Friday (4/23): Review 9.2 Concepts + Lesson 9.3.1 Intro (Velocity-Position)
    • Homework: Worksheet "9-2 Concepts & Additional Practice"

Upcoming Assessments:
  • Chapter Test (Focus on 8.2 Section) - Tuesday, April 20
If you need extra help outside of class time please remember that is okay, it's normal to have questions as you learn. I am available any day before school starting at 6:50. Also available during topper time, second period, and seventh period. This week I am available after school on Monday and Thursday. Also, if you have any questions outside of class time, please feel free to contact me via Remind messages or by email at

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