Parent Information

You play an integral part in your child's education and staying involved is so important. Learning mathematics, just like learning anything in life, takes a lot of hard work and effort. The power of our mindset goes a long way in determining our success in math classes. As stated by Jo Boaler, an educational leader and professor of mathematics education at Standford University, "We now know that the messages we give students can change their performance dramatically, and that students need to know that the adults in their lives believe in them."  To read more on how to help your cihld develop a growth mindset as well as discover countless valuable resources, please visit her website by clicking this link:

If your son/daughter is struggling in class, here are some ideas for what they might do to gain confidence and understanding.
  1.  Visit a Math Lab in Room 309 during any period of the school day.
  2.  Ask a classmate or teammate for help.
  3.  See Miss Fisher before school any day except for Tuesday. She is available from 6:45 until 7:30
  4.  Come for help after school. Please talk to her to setup an appointment.
If your son/daughter does not yet have a graphing calculator for math class this year, please make this purchase as soon as possible. We have already started using this tool in the classroom (almost daily). It is such an important tool as we look at problems through the lens of multiple representations. If purchasing a calculator is a financial concern, please contact me or have your son/daughter speak with me so that we can work something out.