Illness Policy

The following situations will exclude your child from attending the center, and will be enforced:

1. Fever of 100 F or higher (must be fever-free for 72 hours without fever-reducer medication).

2. Vomiting on two or more occasions within the past 24 hours.

3. Diarrhea - three or more watery stools in a 24 hour period.

4. Draining rash.

5. Eye discharge or pink eye (must be treated for 24 hours before returning).

6. Fatigue that prevents participation in regular activities.

7. Lice or nits.

8. Heavy (green or discolored) nasal discharge or constant cough.

9. Communicable diseases (chicken pox, etc.)

  • If your child is brought to school sick, you will be asked to take him/her home.

  • If they become ill while in our care, we will isolate them from other children, and contact the parent or other responsible party to pick him/her up immediately.

Children need to be with their family when they are not feeling well. We cannot stress enough our commitment to keeping all of the children as illness-free as possible. When your child misses a day or two due to illness, your tuition will not be adjusted. In the event a child misses an extended period of time (2 weeks or more) due to serious illness you can discuss payment arrangements with the Director and we will work on adjusting your bill.

*We have a COVID-19 Safe Start Plan with modified and additional health policies. Illness that exhibits COVID-19 systems will be treated as such and a nurses flowchart will determine next steps for returning to school.