Heart of the Beast Residency

We began this year in Lower School Visual Arts with a guest artist residency with Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre in grades 1-4, with related costume and mask projects in Pre-School and Kindergarten.  Children created puppets and masks to celebrate the opening of the new Upper School building, and all the learning that is going to happen in the beautiful new spaces. 
    Pre-schoolers are introduced to Minnesota animals, and they made loons, racoons, and deer.

Kindergarten is learning about animal groups and finding out about continents on the map, so they made animals from North America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. We were so busy, we didn't have time for photos!
First graders made fish because they are learning about the ocean this year. Here, first graders are working with Heart of the Beast artists on their fish puppets.
First graders are painting the Mustang to get ready for the parade. 
Second graders are studying Biomes, so they made groups of animals that live in different environments. 
Mrs. Thorne's class made rainforest animals:

Mr. Thayer's class made animals from the Arctic:

In third grade, the science curriculum includes a study of birds, which is a wonderful subject for puppets.  Heart of the Beast artists worked hard to assemble flying wings on each puppet.

Fourth graders learn about technology, and they made robots.  Sorry there's no robot photos, but there are plenty of the fantastic fourth grade techno-creations in the parade video below!

It's long (15 minutes) but I'm pretty sure your child is in it!  The Breck community owes a 
heartfelt thank you to Heart of the Beast puppet and Mask Theater for making our dream