Submitting Offers

In order to giver your offer full consideration, we will need to ensure that the following four items have been included with each offer. 
  1. CBC (Cooperating Broker Compensation). The listed MLS commission to the buyer’s agent is not negotiable. If you seek more compensation than what is offered, you will need to make arrangements with your buyer(s). Please be aware that all commissions are subject to final approval by the lender and may decrease.
  2. Copy of Earnest Money Deposit
  3. Proof of Funds or Preapproval Letter
Once we receive an offer we will send a fax confirmation within 24 hours. If we are missing any of the items above, you will be asked to provide the missing forms/information before we can present the offer to the seller(s) and lender(s).

**Please take a moment to read the following information to understand how we can effeciently communicate throughout this Short Sale transaction.
Email and Fax Communication
If you have any questions regarding a particular property, please put the Property Address in the subject line.

When you submit an offer, an increased offer or are changing the terms to your previous offer, please type the word Offer prior to the Property Address in the subject line. Since most offers are sent by fax, be sure to use the same subject line in all of your email correspondence in order for us to keep all of your information together. Please know that your offer will receive our immediate attention. We receive dozens of faxes each day and will confirm receipt of your fax/offer within 24 hours. 

Sometimes a client may be considering several properties at one time. In the case that your client decides to purchase another property, please email us and type the word Withdrawal prior to the Property Address in the subject line. We will then remove their offer and send you a confirmation email or fax.

Again, when you email or fax a request to show a property or need showing instructions, type the words Showing Request or Showing Instructions prior to the Property Address in the subject line. In the case that you are requesting a same day showing, please be sure to mention that in the subject line. You may contact our office directly by phone to schedule a same day viewing, but you may receive a quicker response via email or fax.

When you are sending in a form or document that we have requested, please type the Name of the Form/Document along with the Property Address it pertains to in the subject line.

These ‘Tips’ are for the purpose of making the whole process clear, quick and easy for all parties involved. We do understand that time is of the essence during any Boise Area Short Sale transaction and following these instructions will help us to easily organize and prioritize your requests and communication and will result in a timely and efficient response. Thanks for your cooperation.