Sonoran Pronghorn Antelope

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By: Joanna Lozano
 Introduction (video)
Today we are going to learn about Pronghorn Antelopes. They live in the Sonoran Desert, mainly in the flatlands of Southwestern Arizona and Mexico. I know that I would love to see the Pronghorns beautiful reddish brown hair and big black horns.Pronghorns are almost 5 feet in length and can weight up to 130 pounds. I see some of your faces are like this now.You will be even more surprised to know that Pronghorns can run 60 miles per hour which makes them the fastest land mammals in North America. Another fun fact about the Pronghorn Antelope is that they have a four part stomach and eat herbs grasses and cacti. Well that is all the time we have for this lesson i hope you enjoyed it. See you next time!



If I am female, I am called a Doe and if I am male I am called a Buck. I am almost 5 feet long from head to tail. I have reddish brown hair with black horns and I have earned the nickname “prairie ghost” because I am so hard to catch.

I  used to live in broad valleys which were separated by granite mountains and mesas in the southwest part of Arizona, California, and different parts of Mexico. Now I live in the flatlands of southwestern Arizona and Mexico.

My diet is similar to a cows and like a cow I have a four-part stomach. I eat herbs, grasses and cacti. I have little need for water and only drink it when it is available.

 I have reddish brown hair on my back and sides but have a lighter colored underside. I have bright white markings on my head and neck. If I am male, I have a black face with black patches on the sides of my neck. Also, I will have large black pronged horns. If I am female, I will have short horns.

If I am a Buck, I am ready to mate when I turn 12 months of age but if I am a Doe I need to be 16 months of age. I breed from July to September and have fawns about 245 days after.

 I can reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour, making me the fastest land mammal in North America.I can keep my top speed for longer than a Cheetah! I live about ten to twelve years. If I am Male, I can weight up to 130 pounds!

                       Hey Kindergarten try this!

  Click HERE. Print and color the Pronghorn Antelope to show me how he would look in real life. (Hint: You will need a red crayon, brown crayon, white crayon and black crayon.) Then tell your parents a story about how the Pronghorn Antelope lives.



          1st and 2nd Graders check this out!

Click HERE to find your words search. Print it and solve it. Then write a story using the words you found and staple it to your wordsearch.

         3rd Graders you’ll have fun with this!

Click HERE to go to your crossword puzzle. Print it and fill it out.

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