Black Rail

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Hello my name is Max and I am going to teach you about the Black Rail bird. so listen closely now the black rail is a strange little bird, Not only does it not like to fly, but is has a small black body with a beak.
Instead of flying, the bird bounces around on one leg crazy right? They make nests in tall grass and they love to eat bugs and fruit. yummy right?
Speaking of food, I think I will go and make a sandwhich . Goodbye class

Who am I?
 I am a mouse- sized member of the Rallidae Family. I am rarely seen by people. To make myself known I will make a sort of ki-ki-krr sound. 

 Where do I live?
 I live in high portions of salt marshes, shallow freshwater marshes,wet meadows,and flooded grassy vegetation. I like to live mostly in Florida and California. I have also been seen in South American from time to time. 

What do I eat?
 I am what is known as a omnivorous eater because I eat small invertebrates and seeds. I do not eat other birds but other birds can eat me so I try to stay out of their way. I also do not eat fish even though I like live near water.

What do I look like?
I have a small, blackish body and a black bill. I can sometimes be light brown depending on where I am living. I have redish eyes and I am so tiny that I can hide in tall grass. I have two tiny skinny legs that I use to run around and away from enemies and even though I don't use them very often I do have wings.

How Do I reproduce?
I nest in or around tall grass and my incubation period probably lasts 16 to 20 days. I reproduce around February and then I stop around the middle of June. I start to lay eggs around May 1 if I am a girl.

Fun Fact
I prefer running over flying, because it is much safer. I am also endangered, which means that I am almost gone and very soon no one will be able to find me anymore. I can also growl like a dog or a cat or a human. High tides are very dangerous for me , but they are also the best time to see me.

Kindergarten-you will make bird puppets and make a puppet show.
First-you will draw what you think the bird looks like
Second-you will do a report on the birds of Arizona 
Third- you will go bird watching to see if we can find the bird

Learn more about me at,the State of Connecticut is a website you can find plenty of facts on the Black Rail bird. You can also go to your local library or ask your teacher about me. Ask your teacher if you can try to look for me in your neighborhood or around your school to see what I look like. Thank you for listening.