Greater Roadrunner

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WHO AM I? Hi there my name is the Greater Roadrunner, you may recognize me from my appearances in the Looney Toons Cartoon in which I am always outwitting wily Coyote. There are many interesting things about me keep reading to find out more!
    WHERE DO I LIVE? I live in main desert of the Southwest known as the Sonoran desert, however my family used to extend as far as southern Missouri and western Louisiana. I can mostly be found nowadays in the desert in open and semiarid country with scattered brush. I also like to create nests made up of thorny sticks and grass in thorny bushes and trees.
      WHAT DO I EAT?
      Like people I am an omnivore. I enjoy eating spiders, insects, snakes, scorpions, centipedes, eggs, rodents and fruit; as you can see, I am not a picky eater and even eat venomous animals. I mostly get my food from the ground and if I come up against a food source larger then I am I beat against a rock or the ground.
        HOW DO I LOOK?
        I look like most other birds, but most closely resemble a large chicken. I have a long tail, a short shaggy crest, and a metallic bronze gloss. One distinct mark that I do have is that the skin on my back is black, so that I can warm myself after a cold desert night.
          Well, this is a little embarrassing, but when a boy roadrunner meets a girl roadrunner we mate and then the female lay eggs.
            FUN FACT ABOUT ME: 
            I can run up to 18.6MPH and I have these special glands in my eyes which allow me to excrete excess salt water from my blood.

            WHERE DID YOU FIND THE INFORMATION ABOUT ME?Hughes, M. (1996). Greater roadrunner. Retrieved from
            At this source you can find information regarding the Roadrunner's habitat, eating habits, and more information about who this bird is as an animal. As the website states, "All About Birds," you truly will learn more all about this bird.

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            Marissa Long,
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            Marissa Long,
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