Creosote Bush

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Hello my name is Sarah and i am going to tell you about the Creosote bush. It is a bush that can be used for medicine, but it can be toxic as well
It has a yellowish green color and can live for more than 10 years. Well I believe that's everything. Good bye everyone

Who Am I?
I can live for over 10 years without rain and I also smell like rain when you get close enough to me. I can help make people healthy and I have beautiful yellow flowers.

here do I live?
I am a plant that lives in the desert southwest. I like to live in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Western Texas.

What do I eat?  
I eat minerals from the earth around you. Like any plant I need sunlight and water, but I only need a little bit of water. I also, of course, need soil or earth.

How do I look?
 I have waxy green leaves and yellow flowers. later they turn to wooly seeds or the fruit of the bush. I am very light green and in some places I am very big. However to everyone I look like a very low tree instead of a bush because of my branches and my leaves.

How do I reproduce?  
 I need summer rains to reproduce correctly. Or I throw out seed for rodents and they bury them. However reproduction is rare due to the evidence of long life. Many of the plants I make do not last very long because they get too much water. 

 Fun fact? 
 I am used for medical properties. I am also considered to be a very smelly bush.I also give out toxins for some animals. You shouldn't eat me because I can make you sick.


Kindergarten –you will draw a 
picture of what the bush looks like.
First –you will write a story with the bush as a character and then present your stories to the class.
Second-you will do a diagram on the bushes lifecycle.
Third-you will do a report on what you have learned about the Creosote Bush

 Go to, here at About it talks all about the Creosote bush and also provides information about other creatures and plants that are in Arizona. You can also find me in your local library and you can also ask your teacher about me. You can also ask your parents about me. Or you can try to find me with your parents.