1st Grade- Slithery Snakes

Grade Level: First Grade

Lesson Developer: Taylor Holloway 

Lesson Plan Title: Slithery Snakes

Concept / Topic To Teach: Different rattlesnakes in the Sonoran Desert

Standards Addressed:

Strand 4: Life Science
Concept 3: Organisms and Environments
Understand the relationships among various organisms and their environment.
PO 1. Identify some plants and animals that exist in the local environment.
Strand 2: Writing Components
Concept 5: Sentence Fluency
Fluency addresses the rhythm and flow of language. Sentences are strong and varied in structure and length.
PO 1. Write simple sentences.

General Goal(s): Students will understand and identify 2 Rattlesnakes in the Sonoran desert.

Specific Objectives: Students will identify the characteristics of the rattlesnakes and be able to look at pictures and tell which snake is which.

Required Materials:
Computer/ Internet Access

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Students will look at the xtranormal video to have an understandoing and introduction of the two rattlesnakes.
Step-By-Step Procedures:
  • Students will pick two rattlesnakes from the Sonoran Desert Explores website.
  • Students will read over the information provided on the website and take notes of the rattlesnakes.
  • Students will go onto the Internet and search in google for pictures and additional information that may not be provided on the website.
  • Students will take quiz on the two rattlesnake pages that they chose.

Plan For Independent Practice:
The students will use powerpoint to state facts and create a short story with a parent about the two rattlesnakes chosen. They can use the information on the Sonora Desert Explores website and additional websites to create the story.The powerpoint should be 1 or 2 slides and should include a picture of each rattlesnake.
Assessment Based On Objectives:On the Sonoran Desert Website the students will complete the assessment on their chosen rattlesnakes.
Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Teacher will ask students questions about their findings and which rattlesnakes are the most dangerous and what rattlesnakes do they find most interesting.
Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities): Students will be paired up with each other to conduct the research for each rattlesnake. 
Extensions (For Gifted Students): Students will also create a 3-D model of one of their rattlesnakes they had chosen.
Possible Connections To Other Subjects: Technology and Science