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Learning Theory

This website uses the constructionist's  theory to help students learn by actually having to experience constructing and creating a hands on activity for each desert animal. While the students will be having fun doing an activity that directly relates to their desert animal they will also be learning at the same time and experiencing things they normally wouldn't have if they were to just read an article and be assessed with a test. The web sites are designed to take students learning to a more complex level where they actually are asked to participate in something that reflects a deeper level of comprehension and knowledge of their desert animals. After having completed each activity the students will undoubtedly have a greater understanding of each desert animal, and that is what is so great about the constructionist's theory. The students retain more information, by doing the activity, without even knowing it!
BLOOM'S TAXONOMY Explanation of Term  How Students Will Use This Within The Websites
Knowledge The learner must recall information. The students will have to remember the information they read to be able to do the activity and assessment.
Comprehension The learner understands what is being communicated by so that he could explain it to someone. To be able to complete the activities the students will have to be able to comprehend and understand their animal and its habitat in order to be able to sucessfully complete the assignment. 
Application The learner finds a practical use for in particular and concrete situations The students will be able to use the information provided throughout the sight to connect it within real life outdoors in the sonoran desert and will be able to connect what they have learned to real life examples. 
Analysis The learner can break down parts and see how they work together. Within each website every aspect of the animal is broken down into clearly defined sections where students can easily identify each different aspect of the animal and combine them all together to get an understanding of the animal in general.
Synthesis The learner puts together elements or parts to form a whole. In order to complete the assessment and activity the students will have needed to take each section of information and combined that new knowledge together to form an overall deeper understanding of the desert animal to be able to score well. 
Evaluation The learner makes judgments about the value of the material or methods for a given purpose. The greater purpose on each website is the activity section that will relate the content to actual animals they might see in real life withing the Sonoran Desert they live in.