Teacher's Note

Teachers Note:
The Sonoran Desert Explorers project/website has many benefits for students.  The students will get an opportunity to learn about everything that lives and grows in the Sonoran Desert. It categorizes the different types of things living in the desert into three subtopics; crawlers, wildlife, and vegetation. The students will get a chance to explore many different living things within each category. Every topic includes an introductory video giving the students plenty of information that they will further be investigating as they scroll down the page. After the students explore the pages, they will be left with knowing about the environment in which they live, and other living things that they share they environment with. The students will also get a chance to complete an activity with each page that they visit. This will give them a chance to put everything that they have learned to use. In addition, there is also an assessment available for the students to take after completing their activity. Within the site, I have created the bumble bee, black throated sparrow, and desert sand verbena pages each of which fall into one of the three categories. For each of these pages, I have created the activities, the assessment and found all of the information on my own. There are different activities for grades k-3, but they all follow the same concept. Being part of this project has really been a complete honor and I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of the website. There are many different ways that I plan on using this website in the future. It can be used as a project for the students to complete at home with their parents and then can be presented in class.  It also can be used as a whole Sonoran Desert science unit in the classroom.  It gives the students a chance to work and research on their own also come back and teach their classmates what they have learned.

Please take a moment to look over my content pages: Bumble Bee, Black Throated Sparrow, and Desert Sand Verbena