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Teacher's Note

I and a group of students at Arizona State University in the Fall 2011 semester, worked collaboratively under the direction of Dr. Janel Taylor, to develop an extensive website, the Sonoran Desert Explorers. This website is designed to help teachers in creating detailed curriculum for their students. It focuses on crawlers, wildlife, and vegetation. This website is created especially for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. While creating this website, all different types of learners mentioned in Garner’s multiple intelligence, Bloom’s taxonomy, and constructivist theories were kept in mind. Each subpage is about a specific living thing and includes the respective grade-appropriate activities with instructions. At the end of each page are the assessments to measure students’ learning gained through this website and activities. My contributions to this website include three subpages, Gila Monster, Arizona Black Rattlesnake, and Sidewinder Snake. I also created a lesson plan for 1st grade “Monsters We Are!” which is aligned with the AZ standards, listed under the Lesson Plans tab. I am grateful to my professor for giving me this opportunity for contributing in an extensive technology-based curriculum and for designing a lesson plan, which best suits the need of multiple types of learners. 

Please take a moment to review the  Gila MonsterArizona Black Rattlesnake, and Sidewinder Snake content pages.