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Learning Theories

In today’s high tech world, limiting learning only at the knowledge will not only bound students’ abilities but will also hurt them in a long run. I believe that children should be given opportunities beyond knowledge level to discover their own world and recognize their own capabilities. Gardner identified nine different intelligences commonly known as Gardner’s multiple intelligences. My subpages include learning materials and activities such that it encompasses numerous of the intelligences that he mentioned in his theory. These subpages include pictures and Xtranormal videos to cater visual learners. The Xtranormal videos also have some background music to include students who learn and concentrate better with music. The subpages also have colorful text to accommodate students who are linguistic and intrapersonal. The best of all, there are hands-on activities that are aligned with the text to support students who are kinesthetic learners.

Constructivist theory calls for active learning. According to Jean Piaget’s constructivism, the learning takes place at its best when students actually do something hands-on. I do believe that the best way the students learn is by having them construct their own knowledge instead of having someone construct it for them. I believe that my subpages justify this theory well enough. The learning is delivered in many different forms to accommodate different learners, thus students can gain knowledge such that it fulfill their learning needs and style. In this way, students will gain deeper level of knowledge and will retain it for a longer period.


Bloom’s Taxonomy

Explanation of term

How the website relates to Bloom’s taxonomy


The learner must recall information.

The assessments help learners recall information


The learner understands what is being communicated by so that he could explain it to someone.


The assessments as well as activities allow learners to understand, retain and better able to explain to others


The learner finds a practical use for in particular and concrete situations

Students apply what they have learned to complete their activities 


The learner can break down parts and see how they work together.


Information regarding each creature and vegetation on this website is broken into small prompt, which allows learner to analyze each prompt as an individual as well as whole when put together.


The learner puts together elements or parts to form a whole.


The activities which aligns with each subpage allows learner to get hands-on learning, and pick and choose the elements from the web page and create a project


The learner makes judgments about the value of the material or methods for a given purpose.


Each subpage on this website has academic connections to objectives according to grade levels. The materials are provided such that learners are able to make a positive judgment about their learning.

Please take a moment to review the  Gila MonsterArizona Black Rattlesnake, and Sidewinder Snake content pages.