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Learning Theory

This website uses constructionist's theory to help students learn be creating a hands on activity for each deser inhabitant. While being activly engaged, they are learning and having fun. The website is better than forcing the students researching the inhabitants on their own and forcing a research project on them. After completing activities and quizzes students will have a better understanding on the desert inhabitants and will be inspired to do more than what is required, thereby, retaining information and not even realizing that they are having fun and learning at the same time.
Bloom's Taxonomy Explanation of Term How the students will use this within the websites
Knowledge The learner must recall information. Reading about the animals in order to do the activities and the quizzes.
Comprehension The learner understands what is being communicated by so that he could explain it to someone. The Canyon Wren, Lawrence's Goldfinch, and Mesquite Mouse quizzes.
Application The learner finds a practical use for in particular and concrete situations For bird watching and for keeping an eye out for animals.
Analysis The learner can break down parts and see how they work together. Each website is broken down into sections where students can identify the animals with different aspects.
Synthesis The learner puts together elements or parts to form a whole. In order to complete the activity the studetns need to take each section and combine that knowledge together along with deeper thinking skills.
Evaluation The learner makes judgments about the value of the material or methods for a given purpose. The purpose on each website is the activity section and the quizzes. It is to prove that they read it and understand the material. The quiz is to use deeper thinking along with that knowledge to complete the activity.