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Teacher's Note

Please take a moment to review Crissal ThrasherGiant Mesquite Bug, and Soaptree Yucca

I created three pages in the Sonoran Desert Explorers website along with 40 colleagues. This website is designed to be used when teaching about the different animals, reptiles, bugs, and vegetation that live in the Sonoran desert. We have also created multiple activities and assessments to go along with each page.

This site was made for teachers to use in the classroom along with their students. This site is easy to navigate and has many, many resources including assessments, activities, lesson plans, and links to websites that may be helpful for a lesson or research. The pages about animals, vegetation, and ect include a video introduction, visually appealing images, and kid-friendly language so they may research independently.

To use the website one must simply scroll over a heading at the top of the home page and pick a page they want to go on. The pages in the categories of crawlers, wildlife, vegetation, and snakes and lizards all have a introduction video, description, links to other websites, three activitites, and an assessment. The pages under the lesson plans heading have all different lesson plans for kindergarten through third grade. The lesson plans also include a summary of three learning theories (Bloom’s Taxonomy, Constructivist Theory, and Multiple Intelligences) and how they pertain to the lesson plan.
I would use this site to create a technology based lesson showcasing the website as a main resource. The website contains mulitple features that would assist in this endeavor.