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Teacher's Note

Teachers and Mentors,

The Sonoran Desert Explorer website was designed and created for Kindergarten-3rd graders by students at Arizona State University. The site includes information on some of the crawlers, vegetation, and wildlife found in the Sonoran Desert. This site is unique because it presents information in many different ways so that students are able to grasp the concepts. The site has introduction videos, informational facts, and fun activities to ensure that students are fully understanding. I am very excited to be involved in the creation of such a great website. I created the Banded Gila Monster, Queen Butterfly, and Fishhook Cactus content pages, as well as a 3rd grade lesson plan called Sonoran Desert Wildlife Fun! I hope to be able to use this site and the lessons plans in my own classroom in the future. I hope you enjoy looking through the site and can use this in your classroom as well!

-Markie Garrison