Marissa Long

My name is Marissa Ann Long and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Ever since I was a young child I enjoyed helping people, so much so that I had a job as a tutor at ASU in which I would provide supplemental teaching to students in ASU's Criminal Justice Program. I am currently attending ASU's Mary Lou Fulton College of Teaching in which I have both a scholarship and a federal grant. I supplement my financial aid by working part-time at a restaurant to help me pay for college and the daily expenses of life which is a true testament to how hard I strive to accomplish my goals and work hard. My dream is to teach Early Childhood because at this stage in development children are ripe to be taught and educated; another reason I want to teach our country's youth is because these children are truly our future. My dream is to move to Los Angeles after graduating from ASU with my Bachelor's Degree and teach at an inner city school and eventually obtain my Master's degree. 

Here is a link for the 3rd grade lesson plan regarding wildlife in the Sonoran Desert: 3rd Grade - Let's Talk about Sonoran Desert Wildlife

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URLS for the links can be found below:
Greater Roadrunner -
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Indigo Bush -

The URL for the lesson plan can be found here: