Lubna Tanveer

Lubna Tanveer is currently working towards her Bachelors in Arts in Special Education and Elementary Education from in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Arizona State University. She has done internships at Settler’s Point Elementary School and Rancho Solano Private School in Gilbert. She also has experience worked as Substitute Assistant Teacher in Kumon Math and Reading program. She has volunteered at Franklin Arts Academy, Gilbert in Preschool classes. Also she has volunteered at Chandler Traditional Academy Liberty Elementary School, Chandler in Kindergarten. In the classroom she implements positive classroom management strategies while. She can provide curriculum tutoring and guidance to students who are having academic difficulties. She has hands-on experience with small classes and within various age groups, educational and grade level. She can create stimulating learning environment to enhance students’ attention.

Please take a moment to review the Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake , Tiger Rattlesnake, Chuckwalla Lizard
Lesson Plan :
Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake:
Tiger Rattlesnake:
Chuckwalla Lizard: