Learning Theory

There are multiple theories that are covered using this website, below are the names of theories and how they are used within the site.

Constructivist Theory
The Constructivist theory is a theory that says humans learn through interactions and their ideas. This  will be applied using this website by having the students share their ideas, ask questions when needed and adjusting their ideas. The website uses multiple ways that students can confirm their new knowledge such as the introduction video and the pictures. The students can compare the information on the site to the video which will leave a lasting impression in their mind.

Multiple Intelligence Theory
Multiple Intelligence Theory was proposed by Howard Gardner. He thought that humans have multiple ways to use their cognitive abilities.  Since children learn in more than one way, multiple intelligence theory is applied as well in the lesson. Students will be using their linguistic intelligence by writing down what they have learned.Students will be using their spacial intelligence by drawing pictures, and watching videos..Students will be using their naturalist intelligence by exploring their environment and learning about crawlers, widlife and vegetation in the Sonoran Desert.Students will be using their interpersonal intelligence by sharing with the class and their families what they have learned.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Theory
Bloom’s Taxonomy is a theory of higher learning and how to organize the different levels of learning. There are six levels to learning and they can be used in multiple ways in the classroom. Below is a chart that shows how we have used Bloom’s Taxonomy throughout this website

Bloom's Taxonomy Explanation of Term Sonoran Desert Website
Knowledge The learner must recall information. This is applied by the assessments
Comprehension The learner understands what is being communicated by so that he could explain it to someone. This can be applied by having children talk to parents and other students about what they have learned
Application The learner finds a practical use for in particular and concrete situations The activities can give children time to apply what they have learned
Analysis The learner can break down parts and see how they work together. The children can see how the xtranormal video, information given and the assesment tie in together.
Synthesis The learner puts together elements or parts to form a whole. The xtranormal video and information can be brought together by the activity and assessment
Evaluation The learner makes judgments about the value of the material or methods for a given purpose. Teachers can use the assesments to further the students thinking in the outside world.

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