Kindergarten- Creepy Crawler

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Lesson Developer: Kourtnei Dillard

Lesson Plan Title: Creepy Crawler

Concept / Topic To Teach:Walking sticks in the Sonoran Desert

Standards Addressed:
 Strand 1: Creativity and Innovation
  This strand requires that students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.
Concept 1: Knowledge and Ideas
   Use technology to generate knowledge and new ideas
Strand 1: Writing Process

Concept 2: Drafting
PO 1. Communicate by drawing, telling, or writing for a purpose.
General Goal(s):  Students will understand the Sonoran Desert crawler, the Walking Stick.

Specific Objectives:  Students will explore information on Walking Sticks using technology. Children will communicate what they have learned by drawing and writing.

Required Materials: Computer, Internet access, Paper, Writing utensils, Coloring utensils

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Bring in a twig or branch, and ask the children if they can imagine a insect that looks just like it. Then bring up the Xtranormal video on Walking Sticks.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1.Students will be introduced to the topic
2. Teacher shows Xtranormal video on Walking Sticks.
3. Students will get 20 minutes on computers with website already on and learn all about Walking Sticks
4. Students will then draw a picture of a Walking Stick on a branch, using the correct colors. Underneath the picture, students will write a sentence about what they learned.
5. Teacher can take all the students work and make it into a class book.
6. Students will take the assessment.

Plan For Independent Practice: Assessment quiz

- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Students can present their part in the class book.

- Assessment Based On Objectives: Students will be assessed on their pictures and knowledge of Walking Sticks.

- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities): Students can draw and label the Walking Stick, with a little more time on the computer.

- Extensions (For Gifted Students): Students can write up to three sentences underneath their picture.

- Possible Connections To Other Subjects:
Science- Students can identify some crawlers that live in the school environment. They can then find out what the crawler needs to survive(food, water, air, space).

Math- Students can compare the length of the walking sticks( bigger than, smaller than, same size) to other crawlers in the environment.