Kindergarten - Animal Adventure / Identify the Five Senses

 Animal Adventure / Identify the Five Senses.

Grade Level: Kindergarten
Lesson Developer: Ruth DeVries
Lesson Plan Title: Let’s Explore Desert Animals

Concept / Topic To Teach:
Life Science, animal wildlife - Identify the five senses, understand that all animals have the same five senses as humans.

Standards Addressed:
Life Science, Strand 4: Concept 1: Characteristics of Organisms
PO 3. Identify the five senses and their related body parts:
- Sight – eyes
- Hearing – ears
- Smell – nose
- Taste – tongue
- Touch – skin
Technology Standard, Strand 2: Communication and Collaboration. Concept 2: Digital Solutions. PO 1. Participate in a classroom learning project using digital collaborative resources.

General Goal(s): Reinforce student learning, five senses and introduce computer usage.

Specific Objectives:
Meet AZ Academic Standards for kindergarten students. Technology will be used to find desert animals and Life Science will be explored.

Required Materials:
1. Access to web site, Sonoran Desert Explorers:
2. Provide own paper for drawing. or print out activity sheet found on Bighorn sheep sub page, Activity link. This activity page provides the Sonoran Desert Mission -- to find, name and draw animals, crawlers or vegetation. For now we are only interested in animals.
3. Coloring crayons or colored pencils.

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): First introduce the five senses and have children review their own five senses. Explain that all animals share the same five senses that we have. Then help children get comfortable and prepare to enjoy an excursion through the sonoran desert. Teacher will project Sonoran Desert Explorer website onto screen and introduce students to the many different desert animals, crawlers, and vegetation that are found in the
Sonoran desert.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1. Teacher will assist students to view desert animals on website, Desert Sonoran Explorer. Print out pictures if necessary.
2. Have children chose two different animals that interest them.
3. Provide materials for students to draw pictures of their chosen desert animal making sure they include the five senses: ears, eyes, tongue, skin and nose.

Plan for Independent Practice:
Have children look for and cut out pictures in magazines of other animals that share the same five senses as people. Magazines can be provided at school or as a homework assignment. Make a class collage with pictures.

- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):
Ask children if they enjoyed their trip to the Sonoran Desert and ask if they accomplished their mission to draw two desert animals
Have children share their pictures either to the class or by posting on a prepared bulletin board. Review with students lesson objective -- the five senses. To further expand knowledge, ask students how animals use their senses in the wild?

- Assessment Based On Objectives:
On the spot checking and verbal conversations between teacher and students. Assess if the children have the ability to draw a reasonable picture that shows the five body parts. Can they describe the function of each body part?