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My goal as a teacher is to provide children with a caring, secure, and stimulating environment that facilitates nurturing and learning.


Experience WIth Children:
1/2009 - 5/2009     Field Elementary School        Mesa, AZ

Service Learning: 26 hours of Service Learning in a 4th grade classroom.

        Assisted teacher with:
           - preparing and presenting lessons

            -large- and small-group reading

            -individual student’s needs


8/2008 – 12/2009  Franklin East Elem. School       Mesa, AZ

Service Learning: 20 hours of Service Learning in a 2nd grade classroom.
        Assisted teacher with:
            -presenting daily math lessons
            -correcting math and spelling tests
            -individual student’s needs
2/2006 – 3/2006    Field Elementary School            Mesa, AZ
Service Learning: 30 hours of Service Learning in two different 2nd grade classrooms.

        Assisted teachers with:

            -individual and small-group reading and math

            -individual student’s seat-work

            -corrected and recorded homework assignments

            -chose grade appropriate books and led reading time

            -prepared visuals and activities for reading time


8/2004 – 5/2005    Pathfinder Academy                  Mesa, AZ

Secretary/Teacher's Assistant: prepared and taught art classes for 6th-10th grade; occasionally substituted in 6th - 10th grade; supervised students doing online computer courses; assisted in all grad level classrooms, as needed. 


10/2004 – 4/2006     BSA/Troop 776                  Mesa, AZ

Bear Scout Den Leader (9-10 years old)
            -prepared and taught various lessons and activities
            -kept track of and recorded individual achievements and advancements
            -planned and organized den meetings and pack meetings
8/2003 – 5/2004    Pathfinder Academy                  Mesa, AZ
2nd/3rd Grade Classroom Volunteer and Spanish Teacher
            -volunteered in classroom
            -planned, prepared, and taught beginning Spanish curriculum

Education:        2006 – 2009            Mesa Community College          Mesa, AZ

                             Major:                        Elementary Education

                             Degree:                    AAEE (Associate of Arts in Elementary Education)

                                                               AAGE(Associate in Arts in General Education)

                             Member:                  Phi Theta Kappa, Future Educators, Principle’s Honor List


                             1976                         Weber State College                    Ogden, UT

                             Major:                        Elementary Education


                             1975 – 1976            Ricks College (BYU-Idaho)         Rexburg, ID

                             Major:                        Elementary Education



Employment History:    2009 - 2011    Bridges Preschool                    Mesa, AZ
                                              Lead Teacher - Early Preschool Program
                                            2004 – 2005  Pathfinder Academy              Mesa, AZ

                                     Secretary/Teacher's Assistant

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