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Learning Theory

Sonoran Desert  lesson plan
Please take some time to review my subpages for the Desert Ironwood, Cicada and Pronghorn Antelope. 
Multiple Intelligence Theory.
Students with a Linguistic Intelligence will have the opportunity to read all about the animal or vegetation on each page. Students who have a Spatial  Musical intelligence will be provided with a Xtranormal video to view. Xtranormal will make it seem as if students are sitting through a movie or a story. Students with a interpersona intelligence will thrive when we share short stories in the class. Students with intrapersonal intelligence will be able to work independently on the activities. Last but not least, the site also caters to students with a naturalist intelligence. Naturalist intelligent student will get the opportunity to go outside and look at what kinds of vegetation and animals are around their house then they will compare it to the Sonoran Desert vegetation and wildlife.
 Constructivist theory.
The constructivist theory will be used during the Sonoran Desert Explorers activities as well as the opening of many lesson plans. To open up the lesson students will be asked to look in their backyard for vegetation and different animals, when they come back to class the next day they will share their experience with their classmates. Students will start off watching the Xtranormal video, then will try to make more sense of the material by reading the text provided on each sub-page of the website. Finally, students will be able to work  independently and be able adjust the new material when doing the activities provided for them on each sub-page. Students will interact with not only their classmates but also their families when they share their short stories about the animal or vegetation they are focusing on after they have finished the activities.

Blooms Taxonomy‎( Learning Theory Summary)‎