Teacher's Note

This website was created with students in mind. It was put together collaboratively by an extensive amount of people all having students learning as there top priority. In order to do this we put together a website where students can find information on various animals and different types of vegetation all located in the Sonoran Desert. Along with each webpage you will find a quiz and an activity to measure student understanding. Since the site was created with students in mind you will find the various ways of information to be  presented in a way that is useful. This accommodates to students multiple ways of retaining information. Each individual animal site has an individual tab in which you will find how that individual person made sure to incorporate muntilple intelligence. You will also find that Bloom's Taxonomy was used in order to challenge all students and expect only the best. You will also notice that each individual animal site is interactive. It consists of information that is presented in a fun and in a grade level appropriate manner. Each site has a fun activity that stays clear of traditional  worksheet after worksheet pain. At the very end of the site you will also find additional references for those students who would love more information. I hope you greatly enjoy the site.