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Teacher's Note

Dear Teachers and Mentors,

The Sonoran Desert project is a great way to teach students about the many different species that call the Sonoran Desert home.  Within the Sonoran Desert Explorers website you will find information on various different species ranging from the Cactus Ferriginous Pygmy Owl all the way to the Common Desert Centipede.  Within the website students will be able to view videos, read information, participate in many activities, and take assessments on each species.  The possibilities are endless!  My classmates and I have worked for weeks, researching and designing, to make this website the best that it can be.  The website utilizes the three learning theories consisting of Bloom’s Taxonomy, the Constructivist Theory, and the Multiple Intelligences Theory.  In my future classroom I can use this website as a resource to teach my students about many different species and how they survive.  You can do the same!  In the end students will be expert desert explorers.  Have fun exploring!

Thank you,