Teacher's Note

Teachers and Mentors,

        This project/site has many benefits for students, teachers, and parents. Students will be able to go on this website and learn all about the Sonoran Desert and what’s in it by themselves. They can take quiz’s and do activities by themselves and it is a fun tool that they will love to use and also get a lot out of. The teachers and parents can guide their children to the website if they are too young and they can read and do activities together. This website is a fun way for children to learn about the Sonoran Desert and actually want to learn.
        My involvement in this site is that I did three of the sub-pages. I created the pages for the Green Lynx Spider, the Pinacate Beetle, and the Beavertail Cactus. These pages include information about all three, a video about them, a quiz for the kids to do, and activities.
        I plan to use this site in the future in my classroom. I will have a week or two of us spending time on wildlife and learning about it. I will focus on the Sonoran Desert and have the students look at this website and start to understand how it works. Each day I will have something new for them to do. They will first get assigned to a certain crawler or vegetation and for the first few days they will learn and talk about it with other classmates. Then, they will take quiz’s and do their activities. They will teach others about their crawlers or vegetation and then others will take their quiz’s. I am going to try to have this be individual and group activity so students can learn on their own and then collaborate with others to teach them about their crawler or vegetation they got assigned to. I think this website will be very beneficial!

Please take a moment to review the Green Lynx Spider, the C E Pinacate Beetle and the V E Beavertail Cactus content pages.