1st Grade - Let's Learn About Crawlers!

Grade Level: First Grade

Lesson Developer: Felicia Contu-Owen

Lesson Plan Title: Lets learn about the Sonoran Desert!

Concept / Topic To Teach: Desert Crawlers

Standards Addressed:
Strand 4: Life Science
    Concept 3: Organisms and Environments
PO 1. Identify some plants and animals that exist in the local environment.
PO 2. Compare the habitats (e.g. desert, forest, prairie, water, underground) in which plants and animals live.
PO 3. Describe how plants and animals within a habitat are dependent on each other.
    Concept 4: Diversity, Adaptation, and Behavior 
Identify plant and animal adaptations.

General Goal(s): 
Teaching the children the different desert crawlers and informing them of the habitat.

Specific Objectives: 
Children will be able to look at a crawler and shout out,”Hey that’s the Labrynth Spider!”

Required Materials: 
*An adult

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):  
The students will view the Sonoran Desert web page before doing any activities.

Step-By-Step Procedures: 
We’ll first go on an outside adventure, and as a class pictures will be taken of nature and of the children exploring. The children will be able to see different desert crawlers! Once we are finished with our adventure, as a class, we'll put together a picture book and have each child add their own special touch to it!

Plan For Independent Practice:
The students take a page review quiz from the different sub pages. The children will be able to read and understand prior to taking the quiz. After taking the quiz the students will do an activity! 

- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):
The closure is the assessment.

- Assessment Based On Objectives:
The students will complete the assessments that are embedded in the page they view.

- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities): 
The children will learning disabilities will be with the adult at all times. There is no reason they shouldn’t be able to be involved.

- Extensions (For Gifted Students): The gifted children will be able to be involved just like all the other children.

- Possible Connections To Other Subjects: This connects with Science and Reading..