Stripe-tailed Scorpion


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Introduction: Hello. I am going to tell you about the Stripe-tailed Scorpion! These little critters are quick and aggressive, with a powerful sting;. Don't worry too much, they aren't commonly found in homes, but be careful while camping. They like to hide under rocks during the day, and hunt for food at night. They can be easily identified by the brown stripes on their tail!

 I am the Stripe-tailed Scorpion.  I am venomous but not considered dangerous to humans, although my sting is painful.  I can be found in humid areas, usually under rocks, but that can include sleeping bags and shoes because they I like to burrow.  The easiest way to recognize 
me is by finding the brown stripes on my tail.

WHERE DO I LIVE?  I am most commonly found in Arizona and New Mexico in the upper division of the Sonoran Desert.  You won’t usually see me inside the home because I am not a great climber and it is too dry of a climate.  I like to find moist places to hide, and am commonly found beneath rocks.

WHAT DO I EAT?  I like to eat crickets, roaches, and meal worms.  Termites are also a very important addition to my diet.  I can find a lot of food beneath rocks and piles of dung. I am nocturnal, which means I love to hunt for my prey at night!

HOW DO I LOOK?  When I’m fully grown I can range from 1-2.5 inches.  I am a pale tan color and easily recognized by the stripes on my tail.  Our color can vary depending on where we live, usually getting darker in higher elevations.

HOW DO I REPRODUCE? Males attract females with a “courtship dance”.  The females carry the babies for 8 months, and can have 15-40 total.  The female carries them on her back until they molt for the first time.

FUN FACT ABOUT ME?  Although our sting does not send humans to the hospital, it is known to be very powerful for it’s size.  The pain has been compared to a wasps sting, and the pain can last for a few hours.  I am known for being aggressive and quick!

Lets get ready for some fun!

Kindergartners:   Draw a picture of what you think I look like, and tell your teacher/parent three interesting things about me! 

First and Second graders:  Draw a picture of me, and write three sentences about the interesting things you learned.

Third Grade- Find/draw a cool picture of me!  Write a short story about me, and include three facts.


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