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Teacher's Note

    This website was created for teachers to use as a guide in teaching about the Sonoran desert and the students to use as a reference when researching information. This site has been constructed so that all students can learn from it. Its focuse is for students to gain information about arachnids, animals, birds, cacti, insects, lizards, snakes, and vegetation that live in the Sonoran desert. Under each heading are more specific names that the student can look at, such as under animals there are gophers, coyotes, javelin, etc.... Each object has its own individual page with a cool video to get the students excited about learning, information, pictures, resources, activities, and an assessment. This site also contains lesson plans for kindergarten to third grade; the lesson plan gives step by step instruction and also includes adaptation for learning disabilities and gifted students.
    The advantage to this site is that it’s a fun and exciting way for students to gain information about different things living in the Sonoran desert. The lesson plan that I created is very interactive and kind of gives the students hands on materials to work with. The content pages are also interactive with a variety of activities, we made the site for the student to learn and retain the information in a fun way! This site is available to anyone with the internet and therefore the student can work at home with parents. There are a variety of things to choose from and the students get to choose what they want to research rather than the teacher. No matter which you choose all the content pages are filled with great information in a fun and exciting way to learn. 
    When using this site you will see how much we focus on the multiple intelligences. Each student created three subpages for this website, which means no pages are the exact same and this gives the students using this site to do things differently and take learning into their own hands. Possibly discover new things about themselves like how they like to learn or what are their strengths and weaknesses. My lesson plan specifically puts the majority of the responsibility on the students to learn the information and to create the journal. The students can be creative, there is no right or wrong answer which is also linked to constructivist theory. Having a rubric is not very fun, I think giving students the opportunity to show what they can do will really keep them interested in learning and to think outside of the box. Not only are they in control of what they learn but also they are using technology instead of a book which makes the assignment even more fun. 

    I’m glad I was able to be involved with the making of this website. This was a new adventure for me but the hard work has paid off because I know this site will be a great reference tool for teachers and students, but also has given me a new experience. I created three content pages along with a lesson plan for first grade teachers to use and I was able to come together with 40 other colleagues and great this wonderful site. This website is designed to be used when teaching about the arachnids, animals, birds, cacti, insects, lizards, snakes, and vegetation that live in the Sonoran desert. We have also created multiple activities and assessments to go along with each page
Lesson plan: Wildlife Excursion
Please take a moment to review the Desert millipede, Gopher, and the Brittlebush content pages.